At the end of August, Restaurants Canada published their annual Foodservice Facts Guide. This year’s Guide is released amidst uncertainty that has persisted in the industry throughout most of 2020.

The 2020 Foodservice Facts Guide dives into a wide range of topics, from retail food sales, to tourism, to alcoholic beverages. Each chapter focuses on how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted and changed the foodservice industry.

The Guide quotes Smooth Commerce CEO Brian Deck in both the “on- and off-premise trends” and “technology and off-premise” chapters. Brian shares his perspective on how restaurants can leverage technology to improve sales and increase customer loyalty.

The overarching theme of the Guide questions “what is our ‘next normal’?” Chris Elliott, Restaurants Canada’s Senior Economist, states that it’s difficult to predict the future of the foodservice industry given the current complicated circumstances. However, there are many new trends and innovations that COVID-19 has accelerated that may play a part in helping the foodservice industry find their next normal. 

To download or purchase the 2020 Foodservice Facts Guide, click here.