We know choosing a new or upgraded platform for your brand can be challenging. Here you will find guidance, insights, and tools to help you scope the problem you are trying to solve and what will be needed as part of your solution. We want to help you make an informed decision, and we hope that decision brings you to Smooth.

Don’t think small when you can have it all! Your restaurant online ordering system should go beyond just ordering to foster a lasting and meaningful relationship with your customers. This means integrated loyalty and engagement tools and a pleasant omni-channel experience through a thoughtful digital path to check-out.

Through Smooth Commerce there is a better “fixed fee” model which is more affordable and provides cost certainty. Our clients see an average of 50% cost savings on a $50 order and as much as 75% on a $100 order.

We’ve built the best online ordering system for restaurants that combines ordering, customer marketing and loyalty software to solve more restaurant digital pain points than anyone else. With personalized customer engagement, we put you back in control of the customer’s experience with your brand to promote profitable sales growth.

An effective loyalty program should be simple and easy to understand. Smooth Commerce offers a variety of user-friendly loyalty programs that are flexible and enable your customers to redeem their earned rewards and keep them coming back. The Smooth Commerce ordering platform comes with a built-in restaurant loyalty software at no extra cost. There are multiple loyalty programs offered so you can tailor it according to your needs.

Smooth Commerce has multiple integrations with POS, payment, gift card, and other operational partners to ensure your restaurant online ordering system operates seamlessly and efficiently.

The Smooth Commerce online ordering system for restaurants features upselling opportunities and makes it enticing and easy for the customer to upgrade their order and increase their overall basket size.

Smooth Commerce’s online ordering platform has segmenting tools that allow you to group and target users for marketing purposes. Without access to your customer data, you’re also not able to group target customers meaningfully for marketing campaigns. An example would be targeting a product promotion to customers that have purchased that product in the past. These customers would be more likely to convert into a sale than someone who has never purchased that product before. Smooth Commerce enables smarter and more successful offers and promotions.

Dashboards on the self-serve merchant portal give brands a high-level overview and quick health check as to how the restaurant’s online ordering system is performing. User dashboards allow you to easily check the number of active users on your platform and compare your existing values with historical data. Further reports provide insight on the costs and performance of campaign promotions and loyalty program redemptions.

A native mobile app provides faster and cleaner digital ordering experiences made for the small screen with tools like personalized home feed marketing cards and push notifications for offers and promotions. Native mobile apps also bridge the off-premise to the on-premise with scan to pay and scan for loyalty.

We absolutely can. We integrate with new POS’ regularly and will have no issues working with your current provider.

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