About Us

About Us

We’re the digital commerce and engagement platform that businesses turn to for ordering and enhanced customer experiences. On a mission to empower everyone’s local businesses, we help our clients Lift their sales, Shift customers from more costly channels and marketplaces, and Thrive with data-driven insights to grow even further.

Our Results Speak For Themselves

In a ‘same-store’ comparison from the average brand’s first full month of transactions in 2020 versus their January 2021 transactions, our clients experienced significant results.


increase in revenue off the platform


increase in average transaction size


increase in active customers


increase in average monthly orders


purchase frequency

Who We Are

Founded on innovation and collaboration, Smooth Commerce began in 2013. Our leading digital ordering and delivery platform powers white-label mobile apps and web ordering with payment, loyalty and engagement. Over the years, we’ve successfully launched many clients, from single to multi-location cafes and restaurant chains, grocery and convenience businesses, food service operators in arenas, stadiums, university campuses and hospitals, as well as professional sports teams and leagues.

We’ve formed many valuable partnerships and focused on integrations that help us best serve our clients and meet all of their needs. We strive to be a partner with the clients we have on our platform, rather than just a solution provider. We’re invested in our clients’ success and in providing the best possible solutions time and time again.

Meet Our Team

Introducing the heart of Smooth Commerce. Our team is comprised of talented people from around the world – each with their own personal stories and wealth of experience that contribute to the strength of our organization. We’re diverse, fun and savvy leaders of commerce with teamwork at our core, united by our mission and passion for innovative technology, cutting-edge design and exceptional service.

Our Executive Team

Brian Deck

President & CEO

David Campanella

Chief Commercial Officer

Chetan Lamba

VP, Product & Technology

Our Smooth Operators