Integrations & Partners

Integrations & Partners

As a leading company in mobile commerce, we’re always pushing our limits. Most importantly, we do this with the help of our partners and integrations. We collaborate with industry leaders that add exceptional value to our platform to give our clients the best of the best.

POS Solutions

We can integrate your mobile app or web ordering into your POS to make your digital operations even more seamless and streamlined. Data is synchronized instantly, keeping your records up to date.


Leverage our integrated delivery partner to let customers enjoy your food from their home. Our integrated delivery partner puts the control in your hands by reducing your reliance on third-party marketplaces.

Store Technology & Payment Hardware

Make your digital operations as flexible as ever. Integrating your store technology and payment hardware creates a frictionless and efficient experience for both your in-house staff and customers.

Payment Networks, Gift Cards & Digital Wallets

Give your customers flexibility to pay with their preferred payment methods. Supporting major payment networks, gift cards and digital wallets, our solution is secure through tokenization and PCI compliance.

Payments Acquirers & Gateways

Our integrations and partners help you feel secure with our PCI compliant, tokenized payment processing. We support single and multi-merchant payment configurations to fit your needs.


Keep the conversation going with your customers outside of your ordering channels. Through our seamless integrations, you can power your digital marketing campaigns to boost your customer presence.

Industry Partners

Our industry partners bring a wide range of value to our platform from their breadth of expertise. From temperature controlled bags to ticketing, our industry partners help solve our clients’ unique needs.