The Smooth Commerce platform features innovative operational tools to ensure your restaurant’s marketing, operations, and finance teams have what they need to unlock all the value from your digital storefront and drive business growth.

merchant portal

Order Tablet

Easy-to-use management of incoming app and web orders at point of sale to maximize operational efficiency.

Order management

Receive new order alerts and accept, delay, or reject orders and update order status – all in only a few clicks.

Print incoming orders

Improve order preparation efficiency with several connection options to print orders for back-of house fulfillment.

Product availability

Easily enable or disable menu items based on product availability at the store level.

Location operations

View order and transaction history, issue credits or refunds, adjust store hours and more.

merchant portal

Merchant Portal

The extensive tools of the self-serve merchant portal brings together everything you need to harness the power of the Smooth platform to supercharge your sales.

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Analytics dashboards

Ability to sort and compare transaction and user data by time period, location, user profile and more, deriving key insights to help you better understand your customers and inform decisions.

Mobile app home feed management

Promote specials, offers, and other updates from your restaurant in an easy to manage and update dynamic home feed for mobile app users.

Menu management

Easily update menu items and prices across all locations or at the store level, with architecture six levels deep built to handle the most complex of menu choices.

Web and app settings

Easy management of business hours by location, delivery zones, and more.

Personalized audiences

Use the portal’s segmentation tools to target relevant communications and offers to specific customer groups, increasing basket size and transaction frequency and customer satisfaction.

Customer marketing

Use the portal’s offer engine to build compelling promotions for your customers and reach them where they are using push notifications or email marketing integration. The coupon generator facilitates offer sharing through social media and co-promotions and the tracking of results in real-time.

Financial reporting

Quick and easy access to accurate and reliable financial reporting to assess performance and profitability of products, campaigns, locations and more.

Customer service

Ensure customer satisfaction by responding to customer ratings and reviews with ability to issue credits, refunds, and loyalty points.

merchant portal
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