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Get the smoothest online ordering system for restaurants with loyalty and customer marketing features.

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Let us get you up and running with your very own white-label online ordering solution for pickup or delivery in just two weeks. No up-front fees, no monthly license fees, and zero commissions.

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With Smooth Commerce, it’s possible

Download the ebook of case studies to learn:

  • How Denny’s used online ordering to gain control of its customer relationships
  • How Mary Brown’s uses its mobile app and marketing tools to increase basket size by 32%
  • How Topper’s Pizza increased in-app revenue by 400%

Build profitable relationships with your customers (and keep them coming back for seconds)

  • Increase your brand awareness
  • Build loyal and profitable customer relationships
  • Gain valuable insights into customer ordering trends and preferences to more effectively offer promotions
  • Deliver marketing campaigns that are tailored to your customers
  • Boost your average basket size
  • Grow your overall sales
  • Reduce reliance on 3rd party marketplaces

What our clients say

“The partnership between Smooth Commerce and DoorDash Drive has been instrumental in providing us with a cost-optimized solution. In a short time, we’ve already benefited from a significant return on our investment in the platform.”

~ Deborah Gagnon, President and COO, Denny’s Canada

“The app is our future and we’re heavily invested in it. It’s been so much more efficient and easy for us to have both our online ordering and mobile app with Smooth Commerce. We expect to have at least 25% of our sales going through that app within the next 18 months.”

~ Sean Bell, Chief Financial Officer, Mary Brown’s

“Smooth Commerce is an easy ordering platform for customers to use. Three clicks and they’re cashed out… The installation of the ordering system was smooth as Smooth. They’re a great team to work with.”

~ Feroz Omar, owner, Maestro’s Gourmet Pizza & Gelato

Why Smooth Commerce?

From white-labeled online and mobile app ordering to delivery, loyalty, and marketing, learn how the Smooth Commerce platform provides the depth of features and breadth of functionality to meet the needs of your restaurants today and in the future.